Lucky people think of luck in an absolutely different way than others. Very interesting is that when most people think about luck, they usually think of good things that happen to them without contributing anything to it.

On the other hand, those who consider themselves truly lucky look at luck from a completely different perspective. It is more about the fact that what they already do is no longer disturbed by the appearance of various negative situations or unexpected circumstances that they did not anticipate or cannot be controlled.

Don’t you find it strange how many successful people give conflicting advice? As it were on the one hand I say “You have to make your own luck”, and on the other hand in some speeches also appears the famous “I was lucky”.

What most of them are actually trying to say, is that they were prepared for various favorable circumstances or profitable opportunities, and when they caught such an chance or opportunity, they did not let go of it.

This is how I want you to think about luck, and in the following blog posts I will try to guide you in the right direction and explain how you can also benefit from more luck in your life.

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