Let’s face it, your life is already amazing! Isn’t it? At least you can handle it as much as possible. Such as for example, you can enjoy the content of this article on your ultra-high-performance electronic device (which our ancestors did not even dream of!) sitting relaxed in the comfort of your car or your home, and you are practically already surrounded by a lot of things that please your eyes.

Life is beautiful! I know it sounds clichéd. But at the same time, I know very well from my own experience that anyone’s life can be transformed and become more beautiful, richer and more full of love, etc. etc.

That’s why I’d like to show you how you can do that, except that without understanding how lucky you are right now, you won’t be able to appreciate the things that await you. For example, you can think now about the fact that in this uncertain world you could already die until today. Or you could remember that you have some loved ones who really care about you.

You have a house, you have a roof over your head, be grateful for it. Remember as often as possible how blessed you actually are.

Seize this opportunity, grab a pen, and write right now five things for which you are grateful in your life. Without any joke, please do it right now. Put this list in your pocket or wallet and constantly remember that you will wake up tomorrow morning and will not let all this Super-Luck accumulated by you over the course of your life simply to dissipate. Right?

So, when you take responsibility for your own life, you begin to understand more deeply how lucky you are already and that, in fact, we are all much luckier than we realize. You may or may not believe it, but we usually get what we want or at least something similar. The problem of people is that in their subconscious mind they do not want more, even if in words they say something else.

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