Do you want to be kicked back? ?  In the last 2-3 months of your life, you have already benefited not only from one, but probably from at least two or three lucky opportunities that have already changed your life. You probably didn’t realize that at that point, and if you now sit a little quietly, you could remember those moments and really realize them. In fact, in reality, there are an almost infinite number of variables that happen in your life and around you. Every month you could make a decision that would completely change your life.

Do you realize how many times you were with someone who literally could have changed your life, but you weren’t aware of it? Just think about the biggest and most beneficial changes you’ve ever had in your life and immediately you’ll realize how lucky you are already. They all came out the way they were supposed to come out. And such things happen most of the time.

But unfortunately, most of the time, we are only aware of such situations post factum, that is, only after they have already occurred. And then of course the question arises: Why didn’t we see them at that exact moment? Well, I’ll reveal the big secret to you. The one could be that we are often captivated by our mobile phones, but that is not the main reason. In reality, it has to do with what we’re asking our mind to do, which is what to focus on at the time.

For example, if I asked you now, the next time you go out on the street to look for the green cars, suddenly you will notice them more and more. Are you looking at the car model, maybe you’re also looking at the license plate number, who’s driving, etc.? I mean, you make an effort to see the green cars.  On the other hand, if at the end of the day I asked you, not how many green cars have you seen, but how many people are wearing hats? At that point you would become confused, because I asked you to look for green cars and not for hats.

Interesting, right? This experiment is called the “invisible monkey”, which proves that if people are focused on something, everything else at that moment becomes a nebula for them.

And now it would be good to sit with yourself for 5-minutes and reflect a bit quietly. What have you done in the last two, three or five years? What were you most focused on? On everyday things? On your work? On the due bills? On your to-do list? Etc. Or have you focused on what you really want in this life?

The cruel truth is, we lose a lot of lucky opportunities because we simply “close our eyes to them” and we don’t notice them around us.

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