The next step to discover your luck, you would need to find your lucky key. What does that mean? For starters, make a list of all the skills you currently have and focus your attention on one where you really want to become very good.

Why? Because otherwise, you might pass by your luck. At this practical point you should build your own life strategy. Choose something that you feel you can do best, or maybe you choose a skill for which the people around you already appreciate you, etc. The idea is that if you focus on a single skill or field of activity, then you will be able to become a master in that field, which will give you an important competitive advantage to benefit from certain lucky opportunities that could arise overnight.

What is important here to actually understand that, firstly, not everyone is ready “to jump on the lucky wave”, to really benefit from that opportunity, and secondly that any skill brought to the level of craftsmanship, can bear unexpected fruits and open up new opportunities in new areas of activity.

Thus, as long as the sun shines on your street, you will continue to grow smoothly. When you’re really good at something, you don’t need to look anymore. The offers just start to flow to you until you strengthen your own authority in the field. And in time, you will start to notice other opportunities in other areas and in which you could diversify, but do not forget that first you need to make every effort on just one thing.

Basically this is one of the fatal mistakes that beginner entrepreneurs make many times and honestly speaking I have experienced it myself on my ?skin. Basically, they try to do everything, but regretfully end up doing nothing because they are simply expelled from the market.

And my recommendation would be here, to search and find your “lucky key”, that is, that one strength that you already have, and to put in even more effort to take it to excellence over the next few years. Yes! Years! If you are in a certain field of activity, excellence in it will not happen overnight, no matter how good you already are. So, have a lot of success and good luck in practicing it! ?

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