I hope you have read my previous articles and now as you could also anticipate, the next logical step would be to look for new lucky opportunities, which necessarily also involve a change in our behavior.

And this one in particular refers to the fact that you open your eyes wider and better pedd your ears at all the signs and signals that happen around you every day. For example, you talk to someone and hear about a certain interesting event, or a useful book, or a live or online seminar with a theme that you are passionate about, etc. Or maybe you’ve seen somewhere an ad that someone is looking to buy an apartment exactly in the area where you have one for sale, or maybe you’ve seen a display with the advertisement for a product that would help you solve an existing problem more easily, and if you have a commercial business maybe you’d be interested in becoming a distributor for that product, etc.

A situation now comes to my mind in which a few years ago, after my business with the distribution of building materials was severely affected by the economic crisis of 2008, I was constantly looking for some new business opportunity. And to see, as if by “miracle” it appeared! How? I simply saw and drew attention to a street billboard in the center of the Capital of other country with a company that was wholesaling LEDs (LED lighting equipment) and which immediately became my business partner for the next few years.

Conclusion? The more you search, the more lucky opportunities you’ll have to get. Do you actually know what the hard part is? It’s to start acting in that direction.

Like sending an email to someone with a certain request for an offer or hiring, etc., or calling the phone in the ad and asking for more details, or buying tickets for that interesting event, or if we’re talking about romantic relationships, then contact that girl you liked if you go out as a man.  or to contact that man who smiled at you if you are a girl, etc. ?  Or as it was in my case (see above), my decisive step was to start on the road in search of new business opportunities, including through other unknown countries and places, and then I quickly decided and had an excellent meeting with the owner of that company.

Believe me, other people can see the same opportunities as you do, only that a very small fraction of them will decide to act immediately. The vast majority will postpone that decision until that opportunity is no longer available or simply forgets about its existence.

Of course, it is not mandatory for all the opportunities “to come out”, but it is enough that only one will “kid” and your life will be able to improve significantly, and often even moving to another qualitative level, as it was in my situation that I revealed above.

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